Capricorn Rising Breathwork offers group breathwork circles and one-on-one breathwork sessions designed to shift personal energy, heal known and unknown wounds, and foster community.

Chris Phipps (below left) and Stephen Roehler (below right) formed Capricorn Rising Breathwork to share the healing practice of breathwork, an active meditation technique that first entered our lives almost a decade ago. When it showed back up a couple years ago, we were both at the right place and time for it to take hold like few other spiritual practices had done before. Having a friendship that has spanned more than a decade, it’s been such a gift to watch each other grow, to get certified in teaching breathwork by our teachers, David Elliott and Erin Telford, and to now work together to guide others via this powerful healing modality. 

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What is breathwork?

Breathwork is an active, body-focused form of meditation that uses a two-part breath to move stuck emotional energy, raise your vibrational level and facilitate connection with your Spirit.

What does a breathwork event look like? 

We start by sitting in a circle and open with a short, grounding meditation. A topic is introduced and participants are given an opportunity to share their thoughts and set intentions.

Everyone then lies down on a mat or blanket for the breathwork, which consists of 30 minutes of active breathing, followed by a 10 minute rest period. The active breathing technique employs a simple, two-part breath, done while lying down with your eyes closed.

During the active breathing we:

  • Play an awesome playlist

  • Guide, provide affirmations, encourage laughter, and direct a big, energy-releasing yell

  • Apply essential oils and burn sage, palo santo and sweetgrass – inputs from nature that facilitate a deeper experience

  • Provide gentle, grounding touch when needed

During the rest period, participants slow down their breathing to a natural rhythm. They get to completely chill out, enjoy the work they put in, and experience a deeply relaxing meditation. It’s often during the rest period that epiphanies present themselves.

What are the benefits of breathwork?

  • Calming and grounding the nervous system

  • Honoring and releasing emotions

  • Clearing stuck energy and releasing fears and limiting beliefs

  • Shifting lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and addiction

  • Connecting to intuition and accessing creativity

  • Opening your heart to increased gratitude and self-love

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